Part 2: The Right Home for Levitt-Fuirst

by P. Andersen

520 Exterior

520 White Plains Road, Tarrytown, NY

Last week, I told you about the technology changes Levitt-Fuirst is going through. These are big updates to how we do business, and we are working hard to make the transition as smooth as possible. You would think that such a big adjustment in 2016 would be enough, but that is just the start.

Change #2: Levitt-Fuirst Is On The Move!

Levitt-Fuirst has been growing for some time now – pretty much from our inception in 1969. When I joined the firm 5 ½ years ago, we had just under 40 employees. We are now over 55 full and part time employees, and we continue to grow. This growth is a testament to the hard work and guidance of our Co-President’s Ken Fuirst and Jason Schiciano, the quality of employees they have attracted to the firm, and you, our clients. As our business has grown, our staffing needs have grown; as our staff has grown, our current office space has… Stayed exactly the same size.

Levitt-Fuirst has been in Yonkers for a very long time, but our location on Executive Blvd. has been getting very busy lately. We are seeing the construction of hotels, retail space, and office space; and these changes have made the traffic worse by the day. Commutes for our staff have been increasing as the Saw Mill backs up in all directions. Several months ago, a beautiful unfinished space became available, and we are proud to say we have signed a lease at 520 White Plains Road in Tarrytown. The office search was a long time in the making, but the space we are moving into was worth the wait – it is a true upgrade in both size and quality.

520 Lobby

520 Lobby

The new space will allow Levitt-Fuirst to continue to grow, and the quality of the building is unbelievable. We are building a healthy environment from scratch, with natural light, an open layout, and exceptional air and temperature controls. The space will be efficient, the layout designed for staff cooperation, and the technology and inernet access exceedingly fast in preparation for our new cloud based software. I think I speak for all of us here when I say how excited we are about this change.

Every business is faced with changes, both good and bad. It is a testament to our management, our staff, and especially our clientele that Levitt-Fuirst has become one of the most successful independent insurance agencies in the region. Growth requires an openness to change, and these recent events should tell you that we don’t plan to rest on past success – we are sure that the best is yet to come. Thank you for joining us for the ride and helping to make all of this happen. Be sure to stick around, though, because we are just getting started…