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About Bronxville

Homeowners Insurance - Bronxville - TownThe affluent village of Bronxville is perched just north of the Bronx, located just 15 miles from Manhattan in southern Westchester County. Occupying a square mile in the larger Westchester town of Eastchester, Bronxville was fully developed in the middle of the last century. It looks much the same, in fact, as it did some 75 years ago. With a number of homes dating to the late 1800’s, Bronxville’s residential prices are among the 200 highest in the nation, according to Forbes.com’s “America’s Most Expensive ZIP Codes.”

Bronxville Transportation

  • Bronxville is easily accessible from New York City. By Metro North express trains, Grand Central Station can be reached in 25 minutes.
  • The drive to midtown Manhattan on I-87 averages less than half an hour.

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Bronxville Schools

The Bronxville School District is consistently among the most highly rated school districts in the country. The small district is comprised of Bronxville High School, the Bronxville Middle School and Bronxville Elementary School.

You can also check the website of New York State Education Department for a full school report on Bronxville schools at http://emsc33.nysed.gov/repcrd2004/links/c66_dist

Bronxville Recreation

Bronxville residents have access to all recreation programs offered by the town of Eastchester, including a summer concert series and summer camps. In addition, Bronxville offers extensive tennis and paddle tennis programs on its town courts. Bronxville was originally founded as an arts colony, and that part of the village, which dates from the late 19th Century, now called Lawrence Park, continues to hold art fairs and other activities. The thriving downtown section of Bronxville is home to many small boutiques and excellent local restaurants.
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Bronxville Real Estate

According to Zillow, the median home value in Bronxville is $663,400. Bronxville home values have declined -13.0% over the past year and Zillow predicts they will fall -2.7% within the next year. Levitt-Fuirst is a provider of high value homeowners insurance in Bronxville (As of June, 2015)

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Bronxville Resources

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