Payment Options

Levitt-Fuirst is happy to offer our clients online ACH and credit card payment options utilizing Simply Easier Payments, a trusted 3rd party vendor. This secure payment method offers payment by American Express, MasterCard, Discover, or ACH bank transfer; and will ensure that Levitt-Fuirst is paid quickly for those instances when speed of payment is essential.

Please note that the processing of this payment is handled by Simply Easier Payments, and any service fees are being paid directly to Simply Easier Payments for their service. Only the original payment amount will be deposited into Levitt-Fuirst’s bank accounts and applied to your premium. Levitt-Fuirst does not collect any fees for this service.

It is essential that you fill in all necessary information to ensure payment is applied to the proper account (Company Name, Policy Number if available, and Invoice Number)

Payments are currently being accepted for:

  • Levitt-Fuirst Associates personal insurance and business insurance accounts (NOT SAFETY GROUP)
  • NYSIF Workers Compensation Safety Group 458 Service Fee Payments (Construction Safety Group)
  • NYSIF Workers Compensation Safety Group 530 Service Fee Payments (Real Estate Safety Group)
  • NYSIF Workers Compensation Safety Group 90 Service Fee Payments.
  • Risk Reduction Services Service Fee Payments
  • Levitt-Fuirst Special Payment Agreement


If a payment is accidentally or incorrectly made, and a return of the payment is requested, the service fee charged by Simply Easier Payments will NOT be returned.

If you request a payment be VOIDED on the day the payment was made, we will attempt to VOID the payment prior to your incurring the service fee. Please email PAYMENTS@LEVITTFUIRST.COM IMMEDIATELY if there is a VOID/RETURN situation.

Please select the appropriate button, and you will be securely directed to the associated Newtek webpage: