COVID-19 – How Levitt-Fuirst Is Working to Assist You

Follow these links to read Levitt-Fuirst’s client communications as it relates to COVID-19. Date shown is date of the email blast. COVID-19 and Your Business Insurance – 3/11/20 Levitt-Furst and COVID-19 – what you need to know – 3/18/20 The Builders Institute and COVID-19 – 3/23/20 Safety Group 458 and COVID-19 – 3/26/20 Small Business […]

Snow Tires – Winter 2019 / 2020

If you have been around this blog, you know I am a fan of snow tires.  With winter approaching (a 70 degree Halloween notwithstanding), it is clearly time to talk about this under utilized winter addition.  As a reminder, I just read yet another story from MSN and Motor Trend detailing the benefits of snow […]

Distracted Driving – A Heartfelt Plea

Our business partner Travelers shared this beautiful video on the tragic loss of life directly related to distracted driving. We implore you to watch the video, share the video, and talk to your family and friends about the risks of not paying attention while driving. 9 lives a day are lost to this, lives that […]

Levitt-Fuirst 50th Anniversary Salute

The Charities of our Success. Rather than having an elaborate 50th Anniversary celebration with our valued clients, business partners, and employees, we decided to put the funds for such an event towards a more powerful salute to this important occasion. We could not have reached this milestone without our great team of past and current employees; […]

NY Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Requirements

Every employer in the State of New York is required to provide employees with sexual harassment prevention training pursuant to Section 201-g of the Labor Law. As of Oct. 9, 2018, each employee must receive training on an annual basis, and employers should provide employees with training in the language spoken by their employees.  An employer that […]