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Defensive Driving Course: Spend Some Down Time to Save Some Money

Take an Online Defensive Driving Course and get Discounts on Your Auto Policy
If you are looking for a way to fill up to six hours, spread out at your leisure, over a 30 day period, why not take a defensive driving class?  Completing the course will result in savings of up to 10% off the Bodily Injury, PIP, and Collision premium.  The course and credit are good for three (3) years.

The savings credit is applied to one driver per car.  So if only one person in your household takes the course, the credit will be applied to one car.   If two people take it, then it will be applied to two cars.  A household with five cars and three drivers will only allow for three of the five cars to receive the credit as it is limited to one driver per car.   These links will bring you to New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut Defensive Driving course information pages.  Please send us the certificate of completion when you are done with the course in order to receive your credit!

New York drivers can register here
New Jersey drivers can register here
Connecticut Drivers can register here (discounts for drivers 60 years of age and older)

For all other states, we recommend contacting the state’s DMV to learn about their savings, or contact us. There are limitations by state and insurance company.

An additional benefit is that up to 4 points accumulated within 18 months of taking the course will not be counted toward a license suspension/revocation by the DMV.  Note that course completion does not actually remove points from the license, and terms may vary by state.

Stay safe, and please let us know if you have any other needs or concerns.