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2018 ANDRUS 90th Anniversary Gala Honoree, Jason Schiciano Acceptance

00:00 I had my music next year let it first be
00:22 50 years old honored by Andres and we
00:35 congratulate you on 90 years of
00:37 excellent history but I’m really
00:40 wondering how we’re going to get from 50
00:43 tonight but for me this night is really
00:48 about human connections a few years ago
00:52 I was talking to my friend and he
01:00 realized that together the wonderful
01:03 opportunity to make a connection between
01:05 love at first and animus and for the
01:08 past three years we’ve been leaving a
01:11 skeleton crew back at our office in
01:14 Tarrytown and those of you that were on
01:16 the skeleton crew raise your hand
01:18 thank you for a hanging back our
01:26 insurance clothing put on jeans and
01:30 t-shirts and headed over to Andres or a
01:33 workday that consisted of real work on
01:39 various projects in Andres and with the
01:43 systems of special Andrus people like
01:45 Fiona Stefan
01:48 Juliana Brianne Eric and Hector through
01:53 some hard work of bee sting or to a lot
02:04 of laughs our connections with Andres
02:06 have grown over each of our three years
02:10 there as we worked on site and beside
02:14 the students we’ve seen the wonderful
02:16 staff of an vez extends a hand to
02:18 connect to the young people that in many
02:21 cases have no other person in the world
02:25 with which to connect and I’ve seen
02:28 children look at their Andres teachers
02:31 and counselors as you and I looked at
02:35 our own parents when we were young and
02:38 that connection is strong and it lends
02:42 perspective
02:43 Andres makes an invaluable and an
02:47 indelible mark on each child that passes
02:50 through its gates sits in its inspiring
02:53 classrooms walks its beautiful gardens
02:56 and fields in calls Andres home for a
02:59 time on behalf of my wife Andrea my
03:03 sister-in-law of every level my partner
03:06 Ken first and his wife Sue in all of the
03:09 let first family here tonight we want to
03:12 thank Brian Murphy Jason Honaker the
03:14 board of directors in all of our friends
03:17 at Andres for allowing love at first to
03:20 connect with you we want to recognize
03:23 all of you for helping us get to this
03:26 evening and we are proud to participate
03:29 in your future success thanks very much