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The Most Important New Way to Protect Your Home

Home Water Shutoff Devices & Home Water Flow & Leak Detection

Over the last few decades smoke and carbon monoxide detectors have become standard safety and loss prevention equipment in all homes.   Today, water detection, and more importantly water flow shut-off systems, are the latest loss prevention tools, and increasingly, insurance companies are requiring homes to be have them. Water losses from broken pipes, leaking washing machine tubes, icemaker malfunctions, and overflowing toilets are the leading causes of home insurance claims. While usually covered by insurance, the damage can be catastrophic, especially when not detected for hours or days.  These types of water damage claims can cause increases in your homeowners insurance premiums, and of course, no one wants to have their personal items damaged, or likes living through a major home restoration project. We strongly recommend you contact your local plumber to discuss installing a water flow shut-off system for your house.   The technology of these products has significantly improved over the last few years.   Flo Logic and Sentinel Leak Defense provide sophisticated systems, typically for houses over 3,000 square feet, for a few thousand dollars. Devices, such as Flo by Moen or Phyn Plus, are less than $1,000, and are suitable for smaller homes.   You may also be eligible to receive a discount on your homeowners policy when a water leak detection/shut-off system is installed, and a larger discount, if the system is connected to your home’s alarm system. Contact your account executive to see if you are eligible for a discount. The leading insurance company for quality homes, Chubb, provides some helpful information at www.chubb.com/water