Home Improvement Tips – from The Popular Home

by P. Andersen

A big part of home ownership is upkeep.  Sometimes simple updates can amount to a significant upgrade, both in the beautification and the protection of your investment…

I have found many sites that are incredibly useful to homeowners, from valuation to improvement to protection  – and recently stumbled across The Popular Home.  Filled with interesting items, a recent blog post seemed to strike that balance between easy to do and big benefits.  Take a look at these 65 simple home improvement tips from The Popular Home, and let us know if you implemented any of them – a few will certainly make their way to my property in the coming weeks and months.

As a reminder – larger changes to your home may require updates to your insurance policy.  Pools, additions, garages or other big alterations may require an endorsement to your policy.  Be sure to contact us with any questions about your homeowners insurance, so you can be confident that you are covered for every eventuality.