Levitt-Fuirst Real Estate Insurance

Levitt-Fuirst’s real estate practice provides coverage for all types of properties and buildings. We insure habitational developments (co-ops, condominiums, apartment houses, etc.), office buildings, shopping centers, restaurants, retail developments, industrial buildings, and manufacturing facilities. We insured properties throughout the region, and across the country, with wood-frame, brick, joisted masonry, and fire resistive construction. Our clients include publicly owned corporations, property managers, partnerships, owners, and individuals.

Levitt-Fuirst offers a variety of real estate-related policies, including:

  • Property, including building value, loss of income, and increased cost of construction
  • General Liability
  • Excess (“umbrella”) Liability
  • Boiler & Machinery
  • Directors & Officers
  • Crime
  • Environmental Liability

Levitt-Fuirst will, whenever possible, solicit multiple quotations on behalf of our client, in order to provide insurance that meets both risk management and financial goals.

Workers Compensation:

In 1990, Levitt-Fuirst and the Reality Institute of Westchester created Safety Group 530, a program to help property managers control workers compensation costs. Safety Group 530 offers substantial discounts on real-estate related workers compensation costs by pooling the insurance needs of hundreds of properties in throughout New York state.


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