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2017 Business Council Of Westchester Hall Of Fame Award In The “family Owned Business” Category

Levitt-Fuirst is honored to have received The Business Council of Westchester’s 2017 Hall of Fame Award in the “Family Owned Business” category.

00:08 largest independently owned insurance
00:10 agencies we’re a third-generation agency
00:13 and while most agencies of our size have
00:16 long since been bought up by the
00:17 national brokerage firms we remain
00:19 independent and growing level first
00:22 insurers both businesses and successful
00:24 family construction insurance real
00:27 estate insurance general business
00:29 insurance and the personal side we
00:31 specialize in insurance for successful
00:33 families that have a lot of assets to
00:35 protect Lebanon did buy my partner Jason
00:38 skis jános father-in-law Dave Leonhard
00:40 and my father Alan first when Jase and I
00:43 joined in 290 the firm was a small 12
00:47 person insurance agency and we’ve grown
00:49 it to 60 employees at this point we’ve
00:51 recently moved to a brand new
00:53 state-of-the-art 10,000 square foot
00:55 office in Tarrytown New York our growth
00:57 has taken us well outside the boundaries
00:59 of Westchester and in fact we do
01:01 business in almost every state in the
01:03 country in an industry that’s dominated
01:06 by the large national firms we’re still
01:08 doing business the way my father-in-law
01:10 Dave Leavitt and Kent’s father Allen
01:12 first did business when they first
01:14 started out decades ago we’re still
01:16 going out to the client meeting with
01:18 them face to face picking up the phone
01:20 and talking to them instead of just
01:22 sending emails all day long we’ve hired
01:24 some of the best people in the insurance
01:27 industry to join love at first over the
01:28 last 20 years and we’ve invested in them
01:31 we’re now a 60 person family and in 2015
01:35 business insurance magazine recognized
01:37 us as one of the best places to work in
01:40 the insurance industry every time a
01:42 competitor gets bought out it’s an
01:44 opportunity for us to hire the best
01:46 people in the industry who realizes the
01:48 culture change at their place of work
01:50 and want to come to a more
01:51 family-oriented environment frankly that
01:54 that’s the family part of the
01:56 family-owned business it’s everybody
01:57 that’s a part of our company right now
01:59 and in the future we were very
02:00 appreciative that the Business Council
02:02 of Westchester recognized us as a
02:05 successful third generation because
02:06 statistically most companies don’t make
02:09 it to the third generation
02:10 and we thrived

On April 25th, we received the award on behalf of the Levitt and Fuirst families, as well as our family of 62 employees.  The 15th Annual BCW Hall of Fame Celebration was held at Glen Island, in New Rochelle, NY. Many of you knew, and did business with David Levitt and/or Alan Fuirst. As we approach our 50th Anniversary, we are proud that the business Dave and Alan founded together in 1969 is being honored by The Business Council of Westchester.
Levitt-Fuirst now employs a staff of 62, which is double our size from just 10 years ago. We are humbled that this business has thrived and grown, because of successful and loyal clients and friends, like you. On behalf of Levitt-Fuirst, thank you for your business and your support. Award celebrations come and go, but business relationships that span years, decades, and even generations, are hard to come-by. Jason C. Schiciano, Co-President Ken Fuirst, Co-President