In The Good Ole Summertime

By: Alan Mani   Its summer time!!! You’re up in Greenwich or Armonk and everybody is swimming, sunbathing and grilling. Laughter is in the air and everybody is having a grand old time. Unfortunately, there is another side of that coin – one that includes storms and risks and dangers that threaten your summer fun. […]

Jeeves, the Sound of Music, and the Dust Bunnies…..

By: Louise R.   If you are anything like me, a working mom with 2 kids that need shuttling around, animals that need taking care of, and a house that needs to be cleaned regularly (ostensibly), you may have toyed with the idea of hiring someone to help you with all of that – be it a […]

Travel: To the World Cup and Beyond (Part Deux)

By P. Andersen and L. McSpedon   Earlier this week, we discussed insurance for your assets when traveling abroad. We all have items we care about, be it jewelry, golf clubs, musical instruments, or Hummels’ (you know who you are!). Helping you protect your valuables is essential to Levitt-Fuirst, and essential to your having a […]

The (Literal) Value of the FIFA World Cup

By: Alan Mani The Insurance Journal recently published an article on the insurable value of the teams playing in the World Cup.  The article states: “Lloyd’s has released research with the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr) that ranks each team in the FIFA World Cup based on the collective insurable value of each […]

Travel: To the World Cup and Beyond!

By Louise R. Let’s put it out there – I work for an insurance broker. This likely conjures images of sleazy men with comb-overs and ill-fitting suits. My bosses at Levitt-Fuirst, however, have pretty nice suits, and we sell the most exciting insurance products in the world!  Okay… that MAY be an exaggeration.  Let’s face […]