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IMPACT: Your Insurance Rates Are Probably Going Up!

Over the last few Months, Levitt-Fuirst has had conversations with senior management of many of the largest insurance companies. After closing out the first half of 2020, carriers have many concerns for the future relating to COVID-19, but also several other factors that will impact insurance pricing going forward. Read about these changes here.

IMPACT: COVID-19 Premium Assistance for Safety Group Members

As COVID-19 continues to devastate our national, state, and local economies, many businesses – including Building and Realty Institute (BRI) members – have turned to their insurance carriers, looking for support. We are pleased to advise that members of the BRI’s workers compensation Construction Safety Group 458 and Real Estate Safety Group 530, both managed […]

IMPACT: NY’s Shield Act and the Importance of Cyber/Data Breach Liability Insurance

Does Mar. 21, 2020 mean anything to you? If you are a business in New York, this is the deadline to comply with New York’s “Stop Hacks and Improve Electronic Data Security Act,” or the “SHIELD” Act. Compliance requires any business maintaining “…computerized data which includes private information of a resident of New York shall […]

Impact: A Real-World Scaffold Law Nightmare Claim and Liability Premium Increases

New York’s “Scaffold Law” (NY Labor Law Sections 240/241) makes property owners in New York “absolutely liable” for elevation-related injuries to contractor employees workingat commercial properties (office buildings, co-ops, condos, apartments, etc.). New York is the only state in the country with such a law (all other states apply a “comparative negligence” standard, where the […]

Levitt-Fuirst 50th Anniversary Salute

The Charities of our Success. Rather than having an elaborate 50th Anniversary celebration with our valued clients, business partners, and employees, we decided to put the funds for such an event towards a more powerful salute to this important occasion. We could not have reached this milestone without our great team of past and current employees; […]